We're Ruya Media.

media nerds, business loving, data driven, creativity obsessed

There is something magic about powerful women gathered around one common goal with serving, sales and strategy in mind. We have seen it time and time again... The Ruya Media Magic. The flow. The clarity. The activation. The analysis. It all works together to create a wrap-around experience for clarity and growth for our clients. And we are *obsessed* with it. 

We are always striving to create that magic for each launch, ad set, nurture sequence, upsell, and client experience we touch. Whether we work with you for years or one life-changing launch, our goal is always to make sure you and your business are better and more clear on the other side. 

Our favorite part of what we do? the look on your face when you taste freedom and growth again.

Meet the Team

With multiple years of experience as an entrepreneur herself, Rogé optimizes our client's marketing automations + funnels for a flawless digital experience. She is an Enneagram 1 to the tee and loves nothing more than creating and organizing processes and managing projects. 


rogé galmish

You will hear from Rita during on-boarding to ensure our work together is clear, communicated, agreed upon, and ready to roll. The majority of her role is internal, managing personnel and systems. She believes we have the best team and has the best time supporting them support you!!


rita griep

mati johnson


Mati is one of RUYA Media's media buyers. You can find her deep in sheets of analytics and ad assets! She spends her days communicating with clients and optimizing their ads to ensure they receive a great return on their investment.

allee cyrus


It all started with Allee... And now it is so much bigger. She has selected each member of this team to marry marketing and sales unlike this industry has ever seen. She is our CEO, and Ruya Media's Head Strategist + Media Buyer, where she pulls experience from Coca-Cola, Facebook and more to scale YOUR business.

Kristin is a seasoned graphic designer who works on Ruya Media's internal and client design projects. With a passion for design that goes beyond aesthetics, she specializes in crafting visual solutions that leave a lasting impression.


Kristin banker

Lindsay is Ruya Media’s copywriter. She's the one who takes all of our clients’ marketing dreams and puts them to paper (or a Google Doc). Her workdays are spent either in client meetings or in a writing cave creating killer copy that helps our clients expand their impact. 


lindsay Harris

As the social media assistant, Jacy creates content for our client's social media management and ads. Jacy's passion is using her creativity to express a message. She loves helping our clients feel confident in their growth and excited about the content they are sharing with the world.


Jacy McKeithen

Lead Generators.

We believe lead generation is an art, not a trick.  Your customers are real people with a real problem that inspired you to create your product. THEY WERE YOUR MUSE.. Let's make sure they feel that way.

We focus on marrying cutting-edge marketing with tried + true sales techniques to show them what is possible. 

Our brand ethos focuses on steady growth for sustained scalability. We never want you to depend on launch revenue to survive, but instead, have a layered business that brings consistent income in weekly, monthly, and is growing year over year. 

You created your business with a purpose. The right marketing can make sure that purpose is prioritized and celebrated for more leads and sales than ever before. 

Marketing is creative and charismatic leadership that helps someone find the solution they are consciously or subconsciously seeking. 

- Allee Cyrus